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So Timothy is now getting distinctly bolder as the days go on. He is no longer scoffing all his food immediately, and seems to be learning to play. He has a particular love of his rattlesnake toy, and a small cuddly Piglet toy of mine. Piglet is getting cuddled and chewed alternately. Oh well.

However, today he excelled himself in the adventure stakes. This is how my housemate and I experienced the morning:
* Housemate gets up, greeted with joy by Timothy. Goes downstairs for a shower. Persuades Timothy not to join her in the shower.
* Timothy comes back upstairs, clearly deciding it’s time to wake me up instead. Discovers housemate’s door is open. Discovers housemate’s window is open. Decides to investigate the great outdoors.
* Housemate, in shower, hears faint crashing noise. Assumes Timothy has pulled the kitchen bin over again.
* Housemate finishes shower, comes out and wonders where the mewing is coming from. Eventually locates cat in lean-to off kitchen, behind a locked door. Housemate lets Timothy back into the house, very puzzled.
* Housemate goes back up to her bedroom to find Timothy has beaten her there and is sitting on the outside windowsill. Panics slightly. Manages to coax him back in and closes window. Goes to work, somewhat puzzled.
* I get up, go downstairs to make tea. Notice a hole a foot wide in the corrogated plastic roof of the lean-to. Investigate, and find no clue of what has caused this. In fascination, text housemate to ask if she has any ideas.
* Housemate and I put 2 and 2 together and make Timothy!

Clearly he managed to jump off her windowsill onto the lean-to roof 3 ft below, crash through it and end up in the lean-to. There isn’t a scratch on him, and he’s totally unfazed by the whole incident. I however, had to spend part of the morning ringing the insurance company to try and explain what has happened. I get the feeling I’m one of today’s “you’ll never guess what I just got told” claims. Oops.

Goodness knows what he’ll get up to tomorrow!

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