I’m not entirely sure which will be more of a shock to some of the people reading this: that I’ve finally updated my blog, or that I have brought home a gorgeous cat from Cats Protection to share my home. Please meet Timothy, who has rapidly captured my heart, starting from the first moment I saw him sticking his paw out of his enclosure at the rescue and mewing to attract my attention.
Meet Timothy
Within an hour of him arriving home, he was wandering around the living room exploring and returning every so often to check he still had food and a human to fuss him. Within 2 hours, he was curled up asleep on my lap, and within 2 and a half hours I was also asleep.

I’ve previously been extremely nervous around cats and dogs, mostly because they seemed so unpredicatable and I was never sure if they were suddenly about to jump up on me. Either that fear has suddenly (almost) vanished, or else Timothy is just an incredibly gentle cat. I think it’s probably a bit of both. He seems to particularly like curling up on top of me or right next to me and stretching out a paw onto me – and sometimes seems to be trying to stroke me if I’m stroking him.

Because he’s a former stray, he does currently wolf his food within a couple of minutes of getting it, so I’m wondering about trying hiding some of his food in a cardboard tube or similar so it takes him a bit longer to find it in the daytime when I’m at work. I know there’s other cat lovers on the wibsite – any other fantastic ideas?Having a snooze

2 thoughts on “Timothy

  1. I’m so pleased I saw the pictures of him on facebook, as sadly I’m not seeing them here. I’m not a cat person particularly but he does look like a fine young man indeed.

    I’m guessing you’ll enjoy the Simon’s Cat videos that people are posting up on facebook – he really seems to have got cats sussed.

  2. LOVE simon’s cat! look him up on youtube! will have a think about food ideas. he’ll get settled into having food and trusting you won’t take it away again. i’m not seeing your pictures on the blog either, but if i right click on them i can open the flickr page in another window.

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