Volunteers make the world go round

One of the best bits about my current job is that I get to work with and support a range of community and voluntary groups, and so come into contact with fantastic people who give immense amounts of time and energy for free, simply because they believe in the cause they’re supporting – be it children’s play, counselling and support services, ethnic culture or whatever.

This week (1st-7th June) is National Volunteers’ Week. And this year, it’s the 25th annniversary of Volunteers’ week. I’m just back from helping organise an event where over 50 voluntary groups have been able to have stalls in the middle of Nottingham city centre, raising awareness of the services they provide, and recruiting potential new volunteers. We’ve had volunteer dance groups performing, and a range of local musicians giving their time and skills to us for free, to help celebrate these fantastic people. At the first count, even with torrential rain for part of the day, we’ve helped organisations to recruit at least 250 new volunteers.

If you’re a volunteer, no matter how small your contribution, then THANK YOU! The time you give will have made a difference in people’s lives, even if you never get to see it.

Happy Volunteers’ Week!

3 thoughts on “Volunteers make the world go round

  1. At church this morning one of our wardens (a very youthful 80-something) showed us the shield he got for being South Lanarkshire volunteer of the year 2009 – he does voluntary work with people with Alzheimer’s, he’s been doing that since his wife died with Alzheimer’s in 1998. He’s just amazing, and absolutely loves what he does.

    A brilliant post to get you back blogging 😀

  2. We have a fab bloke at the Drop-In (BH) who is as faithful as the sunrise when it comes to being there and backing the paid staff up. He went to a volunteer award thingy last night and, along with some other fab vols from our organisation, received a well deserved accolade. Vols are certainly worth more than their weight in gold – BH has single handedly kept me sane at times. Hurrah for vols indeed!

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