Tiddly pom

It’s been snowing! Bizarrely enough, I didn’t notice until checking facebook updates and realising that someone who lives a few streets away had updated that she was watching the snow. And I missed it – now it’s kind of drizzling.

You see, that’s the problem with snow. It sneaks up and falls so quietly you don’t know it’s doing it. Maybe if it made as much noise as thunder does, I wouldn’t miss it so often – as I do like watching it. But then I guess part of its appeal is the lazy way it drifts down and covers everyting quietly. Not sure that’s be the same if there was thunder in the background.

Not a good photo, but just to prove it…

On a more practical note, I’m really, really hoping it now melts overnight. I’ve never driven in the snow before, and am still somewhat light-headed after a bout of flu last week. Driving to work tomorrow morning may be slightly challenging anyway with the light-headedness – I’m not sure adding snow to the mix will be a good idea.

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